Abha Light Foundation has trained Kenyans and helped to establish their independent clinics around Kenya. These affilitated clinics serve the communities through affordable, accessible and natural medicine. We also network with other NGOs, CBOs and clinics with patient referrals to provide cheap or free health care services using alternative and traditional medicine.


happykids smallThrough our partnership with H.E.A.L. International Foundation NV we are able to provide free childrens clinics and services at 10 venues around Kenya. The clinics provide health care with Homeopathy and Natural Medicine, and we distribute nutritional spirulina to most of the children. About 600 children are    being served every month.You can help! To help us expand our programme: Click here


for building a Homeopathic Clinic at Ndivisi Market, Bungoma County, Westerclinic1n Province

Abha Light Foundation has been promoting Natural Medicine and Homeopathy in Kenya since 1998. We have taught over 75 promising youth in Homeopathy, Reflexology, Massage, Nutrition and Naturopathy in 2½ year courses. The big advantages to these therapies is that they are effective, affordable and can be established with little infrastructure in places where conventional medicine not readily available. Read More