Children’s Health Care Initiative

Among the children of Kenya’s rural and urban poor, malnutrition and disease are rampant. Abha Light in partnership with H.E.A.L. International Foundation NV, looks to provide come relief for thousands of these children.

Through monthly mobile clinics at 20 venues, we have been able to provide free clinics and services for the children.

In 2014-15 we served about 6,000 children.
In 2015-16 we served over 14,000 children.
In 2016-17 we served about 16,000 children.
In 2017-18 we served about 15,000 children.
In 2018-19 we served about 15,500 children.

In addition, we distribute nutritional spirulina to most of these children some from our own production and some outsourced. About 7,000 children are now being served spirulina annually.

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