Welcome Volunteers!

We are looking for:
Trained homeopaths and naturopaths. We also provide a great opportunity for students in their 3rd – 5th year of study. If you can hold your own in case-taking. You will be guided and supervised for prescribing by our local Kenyan homeopaths.



Description Of The Projects:

In Kenya, English and Swahili are the main languages spoken. Volunteers should be fluent in English. Translators will be available for many patients speak only Swahili or their own tribal language.

Abha Light Mobile Clinics
The main project for volunteers is the homeopathic mobile clinics. We pack up everything in a knapsack and jump on a crowded bus to visit about 3 places a month. We visit urban slum areas and rural villages. Depending on the flow, anything from 20 -100 patients –mostly women and children– can be treated per day at a clinic.

We usually stick to acute-style, or therapeutic style prescribing using homeopathic remedies. Constitutional or chronic prescribing is possible with a few of those patients who attend regularly.

Abha Light Wellness Centres & Clinics
We see patients with every sort of illness, but most frequently, acute type cases. The concept of the Health Centre is to use all means of economically feasible health care to improve the patients lives. Volunteers can spend 1-3 days a week here, too, if you opt for it.

If you are a homeopath or naturopath interested in helping for short- or long-term, please write us. We will accept student or experienced practitioner to come and assist. We would greatly benefit from the extra set of helping hands, and you will benefit from the clinical experience and heart-touching experiences as you bring healing to those who may not get it otherwise.

Attention: Practitioners & Naturopathy, etc. We also welcome other healthcare practitioners of complementary therapies such as acupuncture, etc. Please write us.

Fee Structure

Volunteers pay the project a set fee. The fees will cover your complete stay in Kenya with regards to the Abha Light projects. First 4 weeks: US $1300; or 6 weeks US$ 1500 (or equivalent in any currency) Consequent months: US $550
The fee includes:

  • travel and accommodation to the mobile or permanent village clinics
  • room and board (simple village accommodations and village menu)
  • support to the project

You will be responsible for:

  • your own email, post, newspapers, etc.
  • any “extras” you want by way of luxury food, etc
  • tourist safaris or other side trips
  • travel or health insurance

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