Hot Stuff

Pili-pili Dawa (Swahili for Hot Stuff)

June 2004. The nurses and counsellors of the Medical Mission Sisters home-based care project in Korogocho slum came up with this recipe for their HIV+ clients.

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“Medical Mission Sisters of Korogocho slum Interim Report on Great Health Naturally therapy.”

A Great Recipe For Great Health!

Mix together the following ingredients:

quanty item what it does for you
1 litre vinegar (synthetic or apple cider) balances the acidity of the body
3 whole garlics antibiotic
1 piece ginger (tangawezi) aids digestion, medicinal for lungs and intestines
25 grams tumeric powder aids digestion, purifies the blood
50 grams chili powder or 100 g of fresh chillies increases appetite, aids digestion, raises body temperature, aids in good sleep
100 grams molasses (treacle) high in minerals and vitamins
Optionals Add-ins
25 grams cinnamon increases appetite, aids digestion, equalises blood pressure
10 grams fenugreek anti-fungal
10 grams thyme anti-biotic, anti-fungal

Crush the garlic and ginger. Mix all ingredients in a clean large glass jar. Let marinate (brew!) for 10 days or longer. Shake daily.

After 7 days strain through a clean cloth or filter.

Wow! Great stuff, Great Health.

Take 1-2 teaspoons “dose” daily. Sprinkle over food. Or mix into water and drink.

Increases appetite, encourages weight gain, help internal acid-alkaline balance, helps give a better sleep, raises and balances body temperature.

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