Medical Mission Sisters of Korogocho slum Interim Report on Great Health Naturally therapy.

Great Health Naturally studies Korogocho Project

First Interim Report On Immune-Based Natural Therapy
In The Treatment For Hiv/Aids JUNE – DECEMBER 2004
note: this programme is still contining till today
Report by G. E. Horsfield, SRN Medical Mission Sisters, Programme Coordinator
P.O. Box 53376-00200 Nairobi Kenya

The programme for using Immune-Based Natural Therapy was started in Korogocho in June 2004. The therapy is based on the advice given in the book “Great Health, Naturally! – Immune Restoration and Digestive Health”. This book is published by Abha Light Foundation, Nairobi Kenya.

Forty patients with HIV/AIDS were chosen to receive the treatment. These were patients who had either chosen to use the natural therapy rather than ARVs, or were not suitable for treatment with ARVs.

Of these patients
• 19 were in stage 4 (the last stage of the disease)
• 19 were in stage 3
• 2 were in stage 2

The patients were examined, and given baseline blood tests.
• CD4 Count
• Haemogramme
• Liver Function Test

It was planned to repeat the tests after the patients had used the medicine for 6 months to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. Opportunistic infections which occured during the time of treatment, were usually treated with homeopathic remedies, though antibiotics and other drugs were available when needed.

as modified for use in the Korogocho programme

Item “Dose” Purpose
Fermented Cabbage Juice 1/2 cup twice daily contains probiotic (friendly) bacteria, also contains many antioxidants and is medicinal for skin, digestion, cellular function.
Brazil nuts 1 nut daily high in selenium, a necessary antioxidant for the immune system
Pilipili Dawa* 1/2 teaspoon twice daily balances the acidity levels in the intestines and blood, balances body temperature, enhances appetite, enhances sleep, improves digestion.
Hydrogen Peroxide 5 drops daily in a glass of water in small oral doses will act as a natural antibiotic. H2O2 is naturally produced in the body for the same purpose.
Isabgol (Psyllium Husks) 1 teaspoon daily improves and balances digestive health and intestinal function
Whole Lemon and Olive Oil Drink 1/2 cup once a week detoxifies the liver, improves lymphatic drainage and neural function thus checking lymphadenopathy and neuropathy.*

*Pilipili Dawa is a homemade “medicinal” hot sauce made of ingredients in the proportions suggested in Great Health, Naturally! The ingredients include: garlic, vinegar, chillies, tumeric, ginger and molasses.


Of the 40 patients who began the treatment:
●  3 died quite soon after starting treatment
– 2 were very sick when they started. Probably for them any treatment was too late
– 1 was an alchoholic drinking a lot, and not taking the medicine well
●  5 went home to the rural areas
●  2 stopped taking the medicine without giving reasons.
●  3 changed their minds about the treatment and opted for ARVs instead.
● 27 patients continued the treatment. Considering the social and economic situation of the area, this is a good return rate. It was clear that those who were very faithful to following the therapy profited more.


● 5 patients have had slight loss of weight
● 9 patients gained weight
● 13 patients maintained their weight.


So far 14 patients have had their repeat blood tests, of these:
● CD4 Count of 1 patient has gone down slightly (This patient is under investigation for probable carcinoma of the cervix)
● CD4 Count of 13 patients has gone up

Lymphocyte count has gone up in all 14 patients

Liver Function has improved in all 14 patients.


All 27 patients report a reduction in typical symptoms such as skin lesions, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, poor sleep, low grade fevers, low body temperature, poor digestion, poor intestinal function and general infections.


Cost of therapy and medicines

Ksh 95/- per patient per month. (US$ 1.26, € 1, £ 0.72)

Cost of preparation*

Ksh 45/- per patient per month

* The cost of preparation will decrease as more patients start treatment.


● So far, it seems, this method of treatment is effective.

Without it, or another type of treatment, some of the patients in stage 4 would have died by this time. The patients feel well on the treatment, they eat better and sleep better. With this evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment it is now planned to increase the number of patients to be given this immune-based natural therapy.
● The Homeopathic Remedies used so far at the Natural Therapy Clinic are very effective.

Further comparative studies are being done to measure their effectiveness with our patients.
● When patients test positive for HIV, they are counseled as to the different therapies offered. If they are at a stage where they need to start more intensive treatment and if they would be suitable for Anti-Retroviral drugs, they are offered the choice to attend the Natural Therapy clinic or the ARV clinic.

The implications of taking ARVs are explained, the need for absolute adherence to the regime of the drugs and continuing for life. It is also explained to patients that choose the natural therapy that they can be referred to the ARV clinic anytime if for some reason they don’t improve on the natural therapy or themselves want to change over.