More Stories from the Children’s Health Care Initiative

Elizabeth, Utawala Nairobi County
A boy 12 years old has been sick with cerebral palsy, and autistic. He had low vision, whenever he writes he will hold a pencil at the tail end and will write mirror images (like write a six as a nine = 6 for 9 and vice versa. His parents were devastated, because they have tried several treatments and the problem wasn’t clearing. When he was introduced to Homeopathy remedies, The problem starting clearing after two weeks. Three months now the boy hold his pencil well, write correct images, read his books and solve basic mathematical problems. The parents are so excited. “These medicines have given us a lot of hopes” comments the boy’s mother.

A girl 10 years old with a similar problem had her limbs shaking and could not be steady. Just putting on a pair of shoes will take her 15 minutes. Her hands were always held while writing. Two weeks after introducing her to homeopathy, Her limbs never shake anymore, now she can write visible on her own, go downs stairs and upstairs with little or no assistance at all. Though not completely healed but there are tremendous improvements.

Moses, Ndivisi Bungoma County
A boy, 3 years old, born underweight 1.2 kg, emaciated, unable to talk or stand since April 2016, In August 2016, when I when the child was brought to my clinic, I introduced him to spirulina and colloidal silver , in a period of 3 months, the boy can now stand, is active and looks healthier. This has changed the parents mindset, from believing that their boy was under a spell of witchcraft. They now believe that indeed spirulina has nutritional values that were helpful in growth of a child.

Joseph, Mtitune, Machakos
A girl of 14 years with epilepsy had been having frequent fits since she was young.The mother couldn’t remember precisely the onset .This had affected her social and academic life.
Now it has been 3 months since we put her on treatment.The fits are infrequent, occurring once or twice a month. Her class work has also improved.