Low Cost Village Wellness

The clinic has hosted many homeopathic & naturopathic volunteers from around the world, especially student interns. We welcome volunteers either through to share the practice
of, and spread, homeopathy.
ALF supports several low-cost health centres in different areas. The largest is in the Kambimawe village near Wote, Eastern Province. In 2005 the Kambimawe project was initiated as a community supported clinic.Patients have been attending from local as well as more distant rural and urban areas. These two clinics, and the numerous outlying mobile clinics operated on a monthly basis, have treated over 40,000 people in the past 12 years.

Kambimawe are independent, fairly self-sustaining projects, each employing 4 homeopaths and a laboratory technician.Other sites include:

  • Likoni
  • Kendu Bay
  • Webuye
  • Nyeri
  • Embakasi, Nairobi
  • Haruma, Nairobi