More Children’s Health Care Initiative Stories

Joseph, Mtitune, Machakos County
A child of 11 years had been having a persistent cough every day for two years. Her parents had tried “everything” and no treatment would help her. The symptoms would worsen every time she would touch cold water or go into a cold place. After 3 months of treatment she only has occasional coughs. Thanks to FCC clinic.As we close the year 2016 and usher in the new year 2017, We are grateful to everyone for their support throughout 2016 and we pray for God’s grace, protection and providence upon all our partners, well-wishers and donor community.

John, Matuu, Machakos County
I treated a young boy in October 2nd week 2016; aged 12yrs. He had chronic recurrent allergies since birth i.e. eyes itching, coughing, tonsillitis especially in cold dumb weather. The boy was restless, ringworm on head and stomach upsets on and off. His mother had taken him to different hospitals but symptoms relapsed as usual. A week after I received a phone call from his mother and said the boys sleep s well, no coughing, restless and itching has improved greatly. In my first follow up November 7th, I learned that he had great improvement. On the second follow-up on Dec p when I saw the boy he had up to 70% improved. His mother and the entire family are so happy for the miracle healing. Now been getting patients from that family almost every week in my main clinic.