Stories from the Children’s Health Care Initiative

Some Stories from the Free Children’s Clinics

A family at Kalembe Raha…where we have been visiting and practicing in a humble church surrounded by very rudimentary shacks housing families. It resembles a small squatter camp amongst small subsistence farms.

The majority of the children suffer from ringworm of the scalp, (tinea capitis), and other parts of the body.
A family of six children came on the 1st visit and had numerous lesions, some even ulcerated. On returning 2 weeks later having received Homeopathic remedies,
colloidal silver and spirulina, all showed very significant improvement. After attending 4 -5 fortnightly appointments the lesions had completely cleared for 2 children out of the 6. They kept coming for top ups of Spirulina and the ringworm remainedabsent. Their siblings did well on treatment with much reduction of the lesions, some also completely clearing by the 8TH visit.

The well-being of the children generally can be seen in the way they are active and playing around happily.

They all received homeopathic medicines and colloidal silver for 2 weeks at the outset of treatment, and have been adding spirulina to their diet for the past 3 -4 months

-Christopher Makima-Homeopath


A case of mental retardation in 14 year old boy.

He presented with a rather vacant expression, left arm weakness, a past history of convulsions, learning disability (not very pronounced…but still maybe mind of 11year old?), frequent headache, and frequent ‘malaria’ symptoms, and a crawling sensation from cervical spine to lumbar. On enquiring of his history it transpired his mother had malaria when he was born, in fact it sounds like he had malaria on entering the world. His first day of independent existence was marked by experiencing convulsions. (and most likely treated with quinine)

He was given homeopathic remedies based on history and symptoms, and Spirulina.

2 weeks later attending, his mother reported he had experienced ‘malaria’ namely fever, fever blisters, body pains, a lot of headache. He had carried on with the remedies and come through that (amounting to healing response). The headache and crawling sensation had gone. He looked much brighter in countenance.

The 2nd prescription addressed more his mental/emotional symptoms and residual effects of his baby trauma. Brain impairment, partial paralysis etc. He was given homeopathic medicines and further Spirulina, 2 weeks later his mother advised white worms had been evident in his stool, and that he was ‘doing well’ still. Homeopathic medicine was giving for a week, a hom worm mix, colloidal silver and more Spirulina given 2 weeks later he looking more animated to me. Reporting that his right arm stronger. No sign of worms in stool. Repeated homeopathic medicine for one week. Spirulina still using. 2 weeks later Mother reporting he is more active and physically able. Can cycle to river, and fetch water into 20 litre jerrycans, loading them onto bicycle, cycling back.

In the following 5 fortnightly appointments he has been treated for fleeting acute problems like tummy ache and bruised knee

With homeopathic medicines he progresses well, as can be seen in his general demeanour and behaviour. He looks like he is becoming more grown up, whilst more animated and responsive. The right arm weakness seems to be slowly improving and the regular use of Spirulina is giving him the good nutritional boost he needs as well to keep his immune system functioning more optimally

-Steve Smith, Homeopath